The Underdog Revisited

When I first came across The Underdog food truck, they were just a small food cart and before that, a mobile business called The Crop Cart. A lot has changed since then as they are now a full-fledged food truck. I haven’t been back since the big upgrade so I was excited to finally revisit them.

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Their menu had some delicious sounding items like a tri-tip sandwich and a haystack. After some internal debate, I went with the Midwest Taco which was an all beef hot dog topped with pork, cheese, cilantro, onions salsa and their signature mama sauce which if I recall correctly was a spicy mayo of sorts.

It was a big meal. I was expecting a hot dog I could hold that had a few toppings on it, but The Underdog loaded it up. I did my best to try and eat it by hand while using the fork to gather more food to stuff my face with.

At first glance, I thought the cheese and cilantro would take over the flavor, but everything meshed well together and was complimentary to the hot dog. It was a heavy meal that filled me up as there was no shortage of pork loaded on top of the dog.

I’ve said it before but I might as well say it again. Hot dogs are one of those foods people either really like or hate. I’m a huge fan of them. They are hard to mess up but at the same time hard to really stand out among the competition. Sometimes it comes down to what creations and toppings can they whip up to make it a more worthwhile meal. The Underdog nailed it for me.

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Here’s the menu:

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