There’s something underrated in Wichita that deserves a little more love: QuickTrip Pretzels.

Their soft, warm pretzels are available from the QT Kitchens and come in three different flavors:

  • CLASSIC – A warm, soft pretzel topped with butter and salt.
  • PARMESAN – A warm, soft pretzel topped with a savory parmesan and herbs blend. 
  • CINNAMON SUGAR – A warm, soft pretzel topped with a sweet cinnamon and sugar blend. 

My personal favorite is cinnamon sugar.

Coming in at just under $3, these are some of the sweetest, softest pretzels I’ve come across in town. They make for a great breakfast or an extremely light lunch if you’re on the go. The combination of cinnamon and sugar is probably one of the great pairs in culinary history and works so well on a pretzel.

Do yourself a favor and give one a try. I was a believer the first time I tried it. My only regret was I didn’t get this post out on April 26 which was National Pretzel Day.

What’s your favorite pretzel? Let’s see in the comments below!

Happy Dining,

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