Wichita named third best BBQ in the U.S. by Chef’s Pencil

Lists are always meant to be start a debate. And one of the latest food lists out there was put out by a side called Chef’s Pencil which analyzed TripAdvisor of all sites to decide their rankings for the best BBQ in the country.

The article (found here) had placed Wichita in a tie for third best in the country.

Chef’s Pencil analyzed TripAdvisor ratings of all BBQ joints in the nation’s top 75 largest cities and ranked the cities based on their average rating. They ranked the cities by the number of BBQ places per capita, as well as those with the highest number of top-rated BBQ places (rating 4.5 and higher). All in all, they analyzed 2,020 places offering BBQ on their menu with at least 5 reviews.

In their rankings, they excluded cities with less than 10 BBQ restaurants in the city limit.

Source: Chef’s Pencil website: chefspencil.com

New Orleans was ranked no. 1 with Oklahoma City coming in second. Charlotte, NC and Virginia Beach tied with Wichita for third. Then Columbus, OH, Seattle, St. Louis, Miami, FL, and Newark rounded out the top ten.

Anchorage, Plano, and Boston all placed at the bottom of the list for worst cities for BBQ.

Notably, Kansas City came in at 39. The highest rated city in Texas was El Paso at 12 followed by Austin at 18. And then, Memphis came in at 47 with their 61 BBQ places.

This is why 1.) People should leave reviews on the review websites 2.) Never trust a list written by people who don’t go out and confirm their findings and 3.) You never trust a list based off of data from Yelp or TripAdvisor.

What do you think? Is Wichita a top five destination in the country for BBQ?

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