Yes, Torchy’s Tacos is still coming out west

Apparently if there isn’t enough progress on a building, people will start to question whether the business that’s putting it up will still go in and rumors will start to fly. Construction started in 2020 for a new Torchy’s Tacos that was coming to 2901 N. Maize Road next door to the west side HomeGrown.

In the past couple months, things have slowed down. I’ve had dozens of people messaging me rumors of Torchy’s Taco pulling out, contractors saying they’ve heard things, people with credible sources passing the word on that Torchy’s isn’t coming, others trying to tell me something else will now be going in. I have no idea how rumors get started unless Wichita is playing one big game of telephone (do they still do that in grade school?).

My credible sources, those people within Torchy’s Tacos, are denying every rumor and telling me that Torchy’s Tacos is still a go for west Wichita this summer. It’s likely it could be open in June or July. Until then, I’m not buying into the talk around town that it isn’t coming. The east side location at 2191 N. Rock Road seems to be doing well and it’s likely a west side one would do well.

It’s quite a polarizing restaurant that people have strong opinions on.  If you’re on the fence, I’m always in the camp of “Find out for yourself if you like it. Don’t let others decide for you.”

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