Birthday celebrations thanks to Andy Kay’s Cookies

It’s been on my list to try for a long time and with my daughter’s second birthday made the perfect occasion to do so. I’ve been following Andy Kay’s Cookies ever since I heard of their appearance on Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge.” Owner Andrea Walter’s creations were so impressive, I knew they would be in a review one day.

Andy Kay’s Cookies creates intricate sugar cookies. I highly recommend checking out their Facebook and Instagram page. I’ve never seen anything like it. Her work is the most beautiful I’ve seen online.

Here’s an example from her page.

I reached out to Andy Kay’s Cookies to place an order for my daughter. She asked me some questions such as favorite colors and things. Since we’ve been big on checking out places like Tanganyika and the Sedgwick County Zoo, animals have been high on her list.

With Andy Kay’s Cookies being a home-based operation, I did a porch pick-up in west Wichita on the morning of her birthday.

It was perfect and better than I had imagined. I showed my daughter the cookies and heard loads of excitement from her. Her words included, “Cookies!”, “Fsh”, “Dunkey”, “Tuwtle”, and “Grafe”.

We’re working on better enunciation, but you get the point!

Upon opening the box, we didn’t know what to do. They were too pretty to eat, but my daughter insisted. We all dove in and they were just as good as they looked. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cookies. Even someone like me who doesn’t eat cookies much had my fair share.

I feel like I need to celebrate my daughter’s birthday every month to give me a reason to order more cookies.

To reach out to Andy Kay’s Cookies, you can email her at or visit her webpage.

Happy Dining,

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