Checking out Burger Station in Winfield, KS

I have a wishlist of sorts that includes a bunch of small town restaurants I’d like to visit before the end of the year. On my top ten list is Burger Station who is located in Winfield, KS. It’s a classic mom & pop carryout only burger shop that’s located right off Main Street.

113 E 7th Ave, Winfield, KS 67156

Monday – Saturday: 10:30am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

Burger Station is a no frills restaurant. They don’t rely on gimmicks; just a greasy burger prepared the way they were intended to be. They’ve been around since 1952 and are approaching 70 years in business. From the very first day Elmer Van Hess and Bud Wiser (yep, that’s a real name) started the restaurant, it’s stayed locally owned after it was sold in 1992.

I didn’t know what to order. Even though the sign said chile, it was 90 degrees out. I wasn’t about to go eat a chiliburger in my car in that temperature. I eventually went with a simple order of a double hamburger and fries. They told me it would be ready for pickup in about five minutes and they weren’t kidding.

The fries weren’t anything too special but what really wowed me was the burger. I’m glad I went with the double because the patties were thin. The burger had everything on it which consisted of mustard, pickles and fried onions. I’d probably compare it to a place like Buster’s Burger Joint in terms of grease and flavor which for the new readers is a really good thing as I love Buster’s. The bun was pillowy soft yet held the greasy patties, fried onions and condiments in tact without any sogginess.

It was well worth the drive. The whole vibe just spoke to me. I loved the look of the building as it really fit the mold of an iconic burger shop located in the heart of small town America.

Here’s their menu:

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5 thoughts on “Checking out Burger Station in Winfield, KS”

  1. Blair G. Denny

    Regrettably, you chose to pass on the chili cheeseburger, or even better, double chili cheeseburger. You must make another trip to Winfield when you can.

    I ate my first one as a freshman at Southwestern College in 1966. Since then they can’t get rid of me.

  2. Ronda Depenbusch

    Burger station in Winfield was a great choice !! They’re sooo good and they don’t keep you waiting either. I love eating those thin greasy burgers !!!

  3. Oh my….you must go back for the double Chili Cheese burger. I ate my first in 1980 as a freshman at Southwestern too! If someone says Burger Station…….that is all I crave for my next meal. The french fries are usually ‘to die for’, but there are some days that are not exceptional. I have a theory on those days, they have changed out the grease. LOL!! I love that good yummy grease.

  4. Carol Dougherty

    If you want a REAL hamburger this is the only place to go! They have always been and will always be the best around. Great staff too!!

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