It didn’t hit my radar until much later in the week, but the Filipino Kababayan News – Wichita, KS group on Facebook posted about a monthly market serving Filipino food, dessert and merchandise. It’s held at the Hampton Inn Hotel at 7230 W. Harry St. near the airport.

This month’s event was called theĀ Father’s Day Pinoy Market. I swung by to check it out and give readers an idea of what to expect.

The event was held inside a small conference room. There were a handful of vendors on hand selling an assortment of baked items, desserts and entrees along with other merchandise.

Here’s a sampling of what they had available:

The vendors accepted cash and Venmo payments. We picked up a few items like the pancit seen directly above. But our favorite item there came from a gentleman who had a buffet line of food. He had rice, pancit, Asian-style brisket and chicken teriyaki. A combo platter ran $12.

This was deeeeee-licious. The brisket was tender with some sort of teriyaki-style sauce poured over the top. The chicken was just as tender and Megan loved the sweet yet salty flavor which had a slight smokiness to it.

Filipino food in Wichita is a rarity in town, so it was cool to see an event like this with local vendors. The event took place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I’m told it’s monthly. So, you’ll want to check out the Filipino Kababayan News – Wichita, KS group on Facebook to see when the next one takes place.

Happy Dining,

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