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There was a massively sized mobile food trailer at an event I attended called Mook’s Food. I had never seen them out before so made sure to stop by and check out what they had to offer.

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Their menu consisted of BBQ items you’d see at a fair. They had moink balls which were bacon wrapped meatballs that were smoked and glazed in a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. There were two and a half pound turkey legs and chicken lollipops.

We opted for the moink balls and chicken lollipops which were ready for us in minutes.

The beauty of food is everybody’s palates are different and this was a picture perfect example. I was a huge fan of the moink balls. I’m a big believer that you can never go wrong with bacon-wrapped anything. But whatever sweet and spicy BBQ sauce they used was excellent. It had a nice tang to it that was a hit with my taste buds. Megan, on the other hand, along with our daughter loved the chicken lollipops. They were very meaty and filling. The menu board had them advertised as “So Yummy” which ironically is the only word our daughter uses to describe food. It was the exact word she used to describe the chicken lollipops.

Moink Balls
Chicken Lollipops

I LOVE trying new places and food vendors and Mook’s definitely hit the spot for us. If we see them out again, I’ll be back.

Here’s the menu:

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