An evening at Blooms Brews and Bloody Marys at Botanica

What a night it was at Botanica for their annual Blooms Brews and Bloody Marys. It was a sold out event that was definitely worth attending.

If you’ve never heard of the event, it’s a fundraiser for Botanica where local restaurants serve small bites and bars duke it out to see who serves the best Bloody Mary in town. It’s one of the events in town I try to make it out to as I love Bloody Marys and just enjoy nearly any outdoor event in town. We used this as a date night to get out of the house, be kid-free and get some steps in.

There was live music going on in all sections of Botanica. And let me tell you, they were all fabulous. Some of the acts that stuck out for us include Rudy Love Jr, Patz and The Steinbergs.

Plenty of restaurants were on hand dishing out some small bites. Headz & Tailz was offering some of their shrimp with signature Riel sauce. Peace, Love & Pie had some delectable desserts. And one of our favorites was a Cajun meatloaf slider put out by Blue Moon Catering.

Even though it was a hot one, everybody seemed to be having a great time. There were many tables spread out all over the garden for people to take in the event.

But how about the Bloody Marys? Eleven participants put out their best Bloody Mary and attendees could vote on their fan favorite courtesy of the nice folks at Vornado.

We made it out to ten of the eleven participants. After trying them, we had two different favorites. I was a huge fan of Emerson Biggins while Megan enjoyed Mort’s.

The most visually appealing went to Chicken N Pickle which served theirs in a pickle. I mean, it makes sense given their name.

Other notable ones included Jumbo’s Beef & Brew, The Rusty Nail and Whiskey Dicks.

Otherwise, it was a great night. We ran into many friends and faces we haven’t seen in some time. It’s events like this that make me really excited for all that’s coming down the pipeline for Wichita to do this summer.

Count me in for Blooms Brews and Bloody Marys in 2022. Who wants to babysit for me?

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