Family Fun Series: iFLY Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Indoor Skydiving

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If you’re looking for a road trip within the Kansas border, Overland Park is usually one of the top cities in the state to visit. If you’re headed that way and looking for something to do, let us recommend iFLY.

iFLY is something that has caught the kids eyes for a long time. They are an indoor skydiving facility. iFLY makes the dream of flight a reality with indoor skydiving in a safe and fun environment. People of all ages can join in the fun. On our visit, there were young kids all the way up participating. 

So, what can you expect on a visit to iFLY?

First, you’ll want to make reservations, as they get booked up quickly. On our visit, they only had three spots open, so the kids were able to participate while the adults sat out. Mark my word though, I’ll be back to try for myself.

When we arrived, filled out our waiver and checked in, we all walked in and saw the huge wind tunnel which I’m told was the largest vertical wind tunnel in the world as of 2019. It measured 32 feet high. The kids looked at the tunnel with awe. Like any kids, they debated back and forth on who should go first.

Soon after, the kids walked up to get their flight suits and get fitted for helmets.

Introducing the official Wichita By E.B. Indoor Skydiving team.

The next step involved watching one of those funny yet overly cheesy instructional videos.

Then everyone participated in a small 5-minute follow up on how to position yourself while in the flight chamber.

With training complete, it was finally time to make their dreams come true.

I’m not sure the kids were quite ready for just how powerful the wind tunnel was. The internal wind speeds can be go over 150 mph, but the instructor operating the tunnel speed will adjust the wind speed based on the flyer’s weight and skill level.

Our iFLY experiences consisted of two 1-minute flights. The first flight was essentially a test run for everyone to get an idea of what it was like and acquaint themselves with the basics. The instructor was in the wind tunnel with each person helping them learn body positions. There was certainly a learning curve.

One of the cool things about iFLY (mostly for spectators) is the ability to sit around the wind tunnel and cheer them all. It was like parent central with all the cheers.

Most people may gawk at the one-minute fly but it felt like an eternity.

On the second flight, the kids felt 100% more comfortable and started to get the hang of it. I sat behind the glass, took pictures and watched with envy.

For a small fee, people can also partake in a High Flight which allows you to soar higher and faster at the end of the flight. The instructor would do a tandem flight of sorts and take you way up the tunnel. The kids LOVED this one. As a spectator, I thought it was so cool. I could only imagine what it was like to be in their shoes.

It was a huge adrenaline rush for their kids. We had a jam-packed weekend in Overland Park, and on the way home, I asked them what their favorite part of the trip was. They all agreed it was iFLY.

iFLY is located at 10975 Metcalf Ave in Overland Park, KS. To learn more about them or make your reservations, visit their webpage.

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