First Look at Big Granny’s

One of the newest food trucks to arrive in Wichita is Big Granny’s. They are a local, family owned food truck that specializes in BBQ. They’ve had a few outings in the past couple weeks, so we stopped by to check it out.

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For our visit, we ordered a 5 piece rib dinner, smoked sausage and mac & cheese dinner and a macarito which was a burrito stuffed with mac & cheese and your choice of meat. We went with pulled pork.

Starting off with the macarito, ours looked a bit different from other pictures I’ve seen online which had some grill marks on it. But aside from those aesthetics, nearly everything else was the same. It was essentially a big burrito with mac & cheese and pulled pork. We had the 10-inch version, which was more than plenty. What we liked about the burrito was that every bite had something going on. It wasn’t all tortilla. Even better was some sort of garlic BBQ sauce that meshed well with the mac & cheese and gave the burrito some extra zip.

The one meat mac & cheese dinner was a huge serving size. We went with the smoked sausage. It had a nice BBQ sauce glaze over the top. I’m no mac & cheese connoisseur, but was told this was literally two meals in one. The kids had the ribs and loved it. I tried one and there was a good tug on each rib with a deep smoky flavor.

BBQ is a very polarizing debate when it comes to what’s good and what isn’t. Everyone has their own thoughts on what makes some good Q. If you love traveling around to check out different styles, give Big Granny’s a try and see what you think for yourself.

Here’s the menu:

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  1. I enjoy your write ups of various places to eat and have tried places that you critiqued. Thanks for doing that. My question to you is there a place or website that list the various food trucks and where they are located. I am having a hard time locating them. Thanks again.

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