First Look at The Big Nerd food truck

Every June, a new fleet of food trucks arrive in the Wichita area. I feel it’s necessary to visit them all and did so when I heard The Big Nerd was making its debut last week. The food truck sells burgers and tacos. They were out in Mulvane to kick off their summer season so I swung by to check them out.

Cash/Card Accepted

The menu at The Big Nerd consisted of four different burger creations and a taco. I didn’t know which route to go and asked for a suggestion. I was told the Blue Buffalo was the way to go. Right when the gentleman inside the truck made the recommendation, I nodded my head and said let’s go with it.

To my surprise, I was told the gentleman who ordered in front of me had paid for the next ten orders. He also left his business card behind. I respected the hustle, appreciated the free meal, took a picture of his business card to share with my tens or thousands of readers.

Thanks Brett Witt of Farm Bureau! I’ve never met the guy, but figured this was a good way to pay it forward to him. Here’s his Facebook page too!

All meals on The Big Nerd menu were $10 and came with a drink and a bag of chips. Here’s the Blue Buffalo burger. It was one beef patty with pepper jack cheese, blue cheese dressing, buffalo sauce and lettuce.

The beauty of asking for suggestions is you never know what you’ll get. So many times, I get recommended something I typically wouldn’t order. This was another example of that. I’m not a big blue cheese dressing guy; it’s never something I ask for on salads. But in this one instance, I thought the mixture of it with buffalo sauce was simply wonderful and tasty. All of that mixed with the lettuce gave it some sort of slaw texture that played perfect with the burger. It was tangy, savory, bold with a splash of heat. Just a worthwhile burger and one I would have never eaten had I not asked for a random suggestion.

It was a good, delicious start to my day. The guys inside The Big Nerd truck seemed fun and playful in my brief encounter with them. I know they’ll be making their Wichita debut soon so be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they’ll be at next.

Here’s the menu:

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Happy Dining,

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