First Look at Frozen Skull Italian Ice

Earlier this year a little new dessert cart rolled out (literally and figuratively) in Wichita called Frozen Skull Italian Ice. As you can guess, they serve Italian Ice. They’ve been parked all around the city and can sometimes be found set up at the Keeper. They were recently out at a small vendor event near Haysville so I swung by to get a quick first look.

Cash/Card Accepted

The menu was simple and consisted of a rotating set of varying flavors. Their pricing was all by the scoop. One scoop (small) was $3, two scoops (medium) was $4 and the three scoop (large) ran $5.

I ordered the big daddy which was a trio of three different flavors, almost like a kamikaze.

The sun was out and it was probably one of the hottest days of the year. So, this was the perfect refreshing treat. The Italian ice was smooth and refreshing going down.

The pricing was fair, the Italian ice itself was great and it was the perfect treat for a warm day. What else is there left to say?

Here’s the menu:

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