First Look at Vella’s Exotic Egg Roll Food Truck

New food trucks are arriving into town and the latest one specializes in zany and inventive egg roll creations. Vella’s Exotic Egg Rolls recently opened over the weekend and we stopped by to check out one of the hotly anticipated arrivals of 2021.

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Vella’s Exotic Egg Roll Food Truck debuted on Saturday. It was definitely a rough first day for them as their credit card machine went out and their generator was having some issues when I arrived. You know it’s not a fun first day unless some unexpected issues arise.

Despite their troubles, the staff was all smiles and trying to work through all the unforeseen issues that took place. Fortunately, I had some cash on me because there was a long line starting to form behind me.

The new egg roll business featured many creations that such as a Chicken and Steak Fajita Egg Roll, Caribbean Jerk Chicken Egg Roll, Beefy Nacho Egg Roll and a Birria Egg Roll. I went ahead and ordered all four of those along with a Chicken Egg Roll.

They arrived like this straight out of the food truck.

I quickly made my way home and set them out for everyone to dig in.

My favorite of all the egg rolls was the birria one which came with a small cup of consome. It had all the qualities of birria that I loved just within an egg roll shape. Megan was particularly fond of the loaded beefy nacho egg roll noting that it tasted like good simple Tex-Mex. One of the kids was a huge fan of the chicken and steak fajita egg roll. Everyone literally had something they thoroughly enjoyed.

They were filling, surprisingly large in size and delicious. We liked how they cut the egg rolls in half and offered condiments to dip them with. All of it was high quality. Given all the first day problems the food truck had, I had to hand it to them for still dishing out some delicious food.

Here’s the menu:

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