The Neighborhood visits Gar Joe’s Crawfish Boil

Visits Gar Joe’s Crawfish Boil

Our collaboration of local influencers, foodies, bloggers and vloggers, The Neighborhood, spent Saturday afternoon indulging in some all-you-can-eat crawfish from Gar Joe’s Crawfish. The local business who has been putting on pop-ups all over town hosted a crawfish boil.

The one-time event cost $35 per person. If you missed out, fear not. The plan is to do some more in the future.

Crawfish boils are one of the most enjoyable communal dining experiences. Everybody is surrounded by mounds of crawfish, sucking away and enjoying each other’s company.

The Arrival

When I arrived, everything was already underway. Crawfish, corn, potatoes and sausage were being served out to people. Tables, chairs, tents were placed everywhere at the host venue.

The Food

Big plump crawfish were being boiled every single minute. There was no shortage of crawfish to be had. I heard over 1,600 pounds were on hand fresh from Louisiana and the Gar Joe Crawfish crew did a fantastic job of keeping up with the demand. They were all outside sweating their tails off (pun intended) making sure everyone was taken care of.

There was a garage where everyone could get their crawfish served mild or spicy. People were given scoops of crawfish. After the first go around, we noticed it was better to get half-scoops, so the crawfish didn’t get too cool.

The next hour and a half was pure bliss. The crawfish was exceptional, meaty and delicious. I loved the small bit of heat that made your lips burn but kept you coming back for more. Just as good as the crawfish was the house-made sausage from Gar Joe’s. I’ve never had anything like it at a boil. The texture, flavor, it’s something everybody should try at least once.

The Aftermath

We all did our best to as much as we could. There was probably 30 pounds of crawfish put down by us. The event was a ton of fun. And despite the heat, we didn’t let that make or break our day.

I had such a great time, I even purchased one of their t-shirts.

Here’s all the goodness we stuffed ourselves with:

What did The Neighborhood have to say?

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Lynn Avants with Significantly Spicy

Lynn is the resident Wichita Foodie Friends representative for The Neighborhood. Check out his awesome feature in the Wichita Foodie Friends Facebook group or through his Significantly Spicy Page.

Gar Joe’s Crawfish Details

Cash/Card Accepted

Once again it was another fun festive Neighborhood gathering at the crawfish boil from Gar Joe’s Crawfish. You’ll definitely want to follow them on Facebook to see what they have planned next.

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