One of Wichita’s most classic hole-in-the-wall restaurants has closed

The last few years has been hard on Jack’s Coffee Shop. Between medical issues, the pandemic, and the struggles of being a small business owner, one of Wichita’s most classic hole-in-the-wall restaurants announced they have closed. It was a tumultuous handful of years that had multiple closings, but this one appears permanent.

Located at 6154 S Hydraulic St., Jack’s Coffee Shop was one of those you had to know exactly where you were going or else you’d miss the place. They were a no-frills burger joint that for the longest time only served burgers and a bowl of chips, despite having ‘coffee shop’ in their name. It was a favorite of many diners in Wichita looking for an unassuming vibe and a burger that would fill you up for days.

The announcement was posted on their Facebook page Friday afternoon.

Jack’s Coffee Shop will be missed.

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2 thoughts on “One of Wichita’s most classic hole-in-the-wall restaurants has closed”

  1. Michael Wilson

    I tried to eat here but the mouse droppings on the floor were a turn off. Started laughing at the God awful look of the place and walked out. Friends that did eat here said they’d often get a burger that was still very pink in the middle. Can’t say I have any feelings about it closing either way. Still plenty of burger dives on that end of town.

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