Toy Vending Machines Review: Mermaids

Our soon-to-be 2-year-old is now that age that she recognizes toys. When we pass by a toy vending machine, she knows what’s inside. Occasionally, I’ll give in if I have some spare change on me and such was the case on a visit to Dillons.

There was a vending machine that had some toys that looked like Bubble Guppies, which is currently a big hit at home. They were actually knock-off mermaid toys for 75-cents. I figured why not and dropped in the required three quarters.

To my surprise, you had to put the mermaid together!!!

I had to pay 75-cents AND assemble it? It goes to show, you truly get what you pay for. It was the first time I’ve ever seen an assembly required vending machine toy. Times have come a long ways since I was a child.

It took a few minutes to put together because the pieces were so small. I would have much preferred for her to choose a bouncing ball instead. The toy which will probably be in the trash in the next day was finally assembled.

The pieces didn’t lock together well and could be pulled apart with a little force. Thus, there would be tons of small little choking hazards everywhere.

Fortunately, my daughter was NOT impressed with the toy at all. Instead, I paid 75-cents for what she loved even more…. the containers.

Verdict? Do not buy the mermaids.

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