Who was voted Wichita’s favorite BBQ?

Last week, readers were tasked with voting on their favorite BBQ. The whole social experiment involved strictly restaurants and food trucks in Wichita. Readers were asked to vote on their top three favorite BBQ spots. Each vote was worth one point. Thousands of readers once again showed up for the vote and it was close! 25 votes separated first and third place.

The poll featured 21 different restaurants and food trucks across Wichita. For many readers, it was their first time hearing of some of the options which are all viewable at the Wichita By E.B. Directory where you can filter by BBQ.

Here are the results:

Not a single food truck finished near the top but I wanted to release which three food trucks/mobile operations fared the best. Here are the top three:

3. F&N Foods

2. Barrel Boys BBQ (Tender Town By Boys BBQ)

1. Bomb BBQ

So, out of the 21 options who finished in the top five? Here are who the readers voted as the best BBQ in Wichita.

5. Hog Wild Pit BBQ

4. Pig In Pig Out

3. B&C BBQ

2. Bite Me BBQ

1. When Pigs Fly BBQ

Literally, every vote mattered here as the top three could have swapped around with a couple dozen more voters. But in the end, it was When Pigs Fly BBQ who took the top spot in this poll.

Happy Debating,

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