Wheat Street Dogs Revisited

One of the mobile food operations I’ve been most excited to revisit this year was Wheat Street Dogs. They’ve been closed during the pandemic for over a year and finally reopened this month. For those unfamiliar with them, they serve handcrafted meat free street dogs & sausages made here in Wichita.

Cash/Card Accepted

The first couple times they’ve been out brought on sell out crowds. I decided to hold off a few weeks when things toned down.

There are probably some people questioning a meat free hot dog. I’m not a Vegan, but also do not let that prevent me from trying different foods. I’m never concerned with how the food is made, how “authentic” it is to one culture, or if the food stays true to the definition of how it is supposed to be made. Bottom line, if the food taste good… fantastic. Taking it a step further, if the people are genuinely nice…. even better.

For my latest visit, I went with a Banh Mi Dog and a Prairie Dog. They are both dogs, I’ve had in the past. More importantly, they are ones I’ve loved.

The Prairie Dog is their handcrafted vegan dog on a toasted bun with fresh jalapeno slices, Sarah Jane’s Jalapeno Relish, their housemade vegan ranch dressing, crinkle cut potato chips and chopped green onions. The Banh Mi Dog is a meat free dog on a toasted bun, served with pickled daikon and carrots, sriracha mayo, hoisin, cucumber, and jalapeno slices, topped with cilantro.

Regarding the Prairie Dog, it’s been one of my favorites for a long time. I’m very biased towards anything with Sara Jane’s Jalapeno Relish so that helps. But everything thrown together is an eclectic mix of flavors that meshes so well. 

But the big winner for me is the Banh Mi Dog. The picture below doesn’t even do it justice and a reminder to me that I need to work on my food photography. The Banh Mi Dog is easily one of the best dogs in all of Wichita. It does a great job of recreating the flavors of a traditional Banh Mi.

The flavors alone make me forget I’m even eating a Vegan hot dog. But those wondering how the hot dog taste itself, it has a different softer texture but not one that’s so noticeable it hinders the experience. It also doesn’t taste as fatty or greasy. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t taste like a traditional hot dog which is OK if you’re open to something different.

Overall, it’s something unique in our food truck scene and hits two of my biggest checkmarks: Delicious food made by good people.

Here’s the menu they had that afternoon:

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