Whether you call it Slushy Hut or Summer Snow, it’s an Andover staple

Some people call it Slushy Hut and others call it Summer Snow, regardless, they’ve been a big part of Andover summers for 22 years now. I have some family that live in Andover and are regulars at Slushy Hut. It’s a place they’re known by name and will never say no when I ask my nieces if they want to make a quick trip there. It’s their favorite of the shaved ice stands in town and one they’ve requested to be a part of a review for.

Andover Square @ Central and Andover Rd

Monday – Friday: 1pm – 8pm
Saturday: 1pm – 7pm
Sunday: 1:30pm – 5:30pm

Cash Only

With 88 flavors to choose from, their prices are very competitive to everyone else around Wichita:
Small: 12 oz. flat top, $1.75
Regular: 12 oz, $2.25
Large: 16 oz., $2.75
Extra Flavor or syrup: .25
Cream topping or ice cream: .50

I remember taking them many years ago and spending forever just trying to figure out what to order. Fortunately, they know exactly what they want, so our visits no longer take 2 hours simply looking over the menu board. We are in and out in minutes!

For the latest stop, we ordered a peach, cherry limeade and root beer flat top. I had my root beer drizzled with sweet cream.

The kids described the shaved ice and smooth and delicious. One of the kids went as far to say, “Eddy, don’t ever take me anywhere else.”

The kid knows what she wants, what can I say?

I understand many people may not go out of their way for shaved ice with stands all over town. But Slushy Hut is one of the longest players in the game. They’ve been doing it for what feels like forever and an established part of the Andover community. The people who run the stand are so incredibly nice and treat every kid like one of their own.

I’m sure I’ll get a call again next year to join them for another shaved ice review in Andover.

Here’s the menu:

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Happy Dining,

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