Wichita’s final Save A Lot grocery store to close in July

Some bad news came out for an area of town that doesn’t have many places to go for groceries. The last standing Save A Lot grocery store at 2402 E. 13th St. announced they will be closing on July 10. This follows the closing of the other Save A Lot Store in south Wichita last year.

The news was confirmed by Councilman Brandon Johnson in a Facebook post made on Monday.

It’s a tough blow for people who live around 13th and Grove who don’t have reliable transportation. The closest grocery stores for fresh produce are the Dillons at Rock Road and 21st Street and the one at Douglas and Hillside along with the Wal-Mart at 29th and Rock Road. There was a Neighborhood Wal-Mart at 13th and Oliver but that has since closed.

Why aren’t grocery stores willing to stay in some of these neighborhoods is unknown to me. You look at areas like Plainview, 13th and Grove and even downtown and there just aren’t many options for people in those neighborhoods to get their groceries.

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