Wichita’s Most Polarizing Restaurants

Our city is home to over a thousand restaurants. Talking about the dining scene here is a conversation everyone has probably had at least once in the past week. When talking about places though, there are restaurants that are truly polarizing. The sheer mention of their name will draw strong and differing opinions immediately. The debate could bring up so much love, but also so much hate. People think their opinion is gospel and will argue it to the death on why they believe you should frequent or avoid the eateries. These are Wichita’s Most Polarizing Restaurants.

Taco Shop / Taco Tico / Taco Pronto / Taco Grande / Taco Rio

Fast food tacos are a category of tacos that people feel very strongly about. If you say such fast food taco is your favorite in town, people will react with such disgust. There are people who don’t believe they should be called tacos and can’t get over the fact that there can be something else besides “authentic tacos”. Me? I love fast food tacos. There’s room for all sorts of tacos in my stomach.

6S Steakhouse

Most of the polarizing feelings come down to ownership. As someone who blogs a lot about food, I feel it’s only right I put aside any opinions I may have of someone to give every restaurant an unbiased opinion on the food. Every restaurant will always be covered at least once solely on the food first. For what it’s worth, I haven’t had a bad dining experience there.


Same as 6S Steakhouse, this comes down to ownership. When they added 99-cent margaritas, it brought on a whole new level of self-righteous hate. People were flabbergasted that a place serve alcohol as if they were encouraging drinking and driving, yet it was OK for other restaurants to do so.

Bomber Burger

Only makes sense to put the restaurant that Spangle is told can kiss their ass. Bomber Burger makes a great burger but the owner draws the ire of many people with his NFG attitude.

The Restaurant Formerly Known as Tight Ends

The concept of women in revealing clothes doesn’t appeal to everybody, and the haters are not afraid to voice their opinions on it. This place is ten times more polarizing than their closest competitor: Twin Peaks. Many of the polarizing opinions have nothing to do with the food and all about what the restaurant is about. My opinion? I believe people can do what they want. If it bothers me, I have the free will to avoid it.

Angry Elephant

Located inside Augustino Brewing, there’s no BBQ restaurant more polarizing than Angry Elephant. This is the perfect case study on getting too much love and praise online, people will begin to revolt.

Torchy’s Tacos / Fuzzy’s Tacos

Their tacos are higher priced than the fast food tacos or the traditional street tacos around town, and that bugs a lot of people. Some people think it’s great for the money, while others gasp at the thought of paying more than $2 for a taco.

Andy’s Frozen Custard (only in College Hill)

How dare a family-themed franchise restaurant enter College Hill! At least that’s the thought of many residents in the area.


Any Buffet Restaurant

Apparently, any all-you-can-eat restaurant is gross. People either enjoy them for what they are or completely avoid them because of “germs” and nowadays COVID spreaders. At least that’s what a lot of people say. For what it’s worth, I have yet to get sick from ever eating at a buffet place in town. I’ve had my fair share of food poisoning from Wichita restaurants and they’ve always been the nicer and more affluent places. #KnockOnWood

Applebee’s Grill + Bar

Often times, I’ll drive by Applebee’s and be amazed at how packed they are. Some people call it “Crapplebee’s” but judging by the traffic, there’s a huge population of people who are down for “eating good in the neighborhood”.

Any Restaurant That Serves Seafood

People refuse to buy into the fact that good seafood can be had in Wichita.

Cheesecake Factory

There’s not even one in Wichita, but it’s probably the most polarizing of all restaurants in town.


What restaurants do you find to be very polarizing in Wichita? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Wichita’s Most Polarizing Restaurants”

  1. Doo-dah diner. I had an unpleasant experience there years ago and nothing about it made me want to go back, but everyone else seems to love it.

  2. Chick fil-A. Any restaurant that flies our flag half staffed after a presidential election will never get my business again. It was an election, not a mourning. Corporate leadership at its cultish worst.

    1. As opposed to the liberals who like to burn cities down when they don’t like something? You make me laugh

      1. Stupid comment. Name ONE city that “the libs” have burned down. now an armed insurrection and attempted overthrow of the government….thats another story.

    2. So anyone who has differing views from yours is part of a cult?? How open minded of you haha Also, I remember in 2016 where college universities shut down because children needed “safe spaces”… that’s a fact, your claim has no foundation. As those before stated, cite your claim.

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