Checking out the Bramble Cafe at Elderslie Farm

If you’re ever at Elderslie Farm in the morning or during the lunch hour perhaps you’ve heard of the Bramble Cafe. If not, then this is the blog for you!

3501 E 101st St. N. Valley Center, KS 67147

Tuesday – Saturday: 8am – 1pm
Closed on Sunday & Monday

Cash/Card Accepted

The Bramble Cafe offers breakfast right on site at Elderslie Farm. Everybody can enjoy a high quality breakfast made with fresh products right on their patio.

My daughter and I stopped by recently on a trip to Elderslie and swung over to the Bramble Cafe to check out their menu. We went with their biscuits & gravy dish along with a blackberry lavender muffin. Considering it’s blackberry season there, that felt like a no-brainer to order.

Truth be told, some people may get some sticker shock at the $13 price tag of the biscuits & gravy meal. I get it, it’s probably not something most people are accustomed to paying. What you’re getting is a made from scratch meal with local ingredients. It’s not going to be for everybody but I had to give it a try given the number of people I saw ordering it.

It was the only thing I ate as my daughter decided to hog the entire muffin for herself. There was certainly a freshness to it and the gravy did not have that artificial mix flavor. The gravy had big chunks of sausage mixed in to give it more texture and more substance to the meal. I’m not quite sure what my favorite part was though, the biscuit was massive, but the sausage was pretty delicious. I very rarely try to bring cost in to any review, but given it’s higher price compared to others, I figured it’d be something people would comment on. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed the breakfast so ultimately it’ll be up to you to decide whether it’s worth it.

As for the muffin, if a two-year-old eats it all herself, I’m guessing that’s a good thing?

If you’re looking for dessert, I highly recommend walking over to the creamery and grabbing some of their gelato. I promised my daughter if she ate, she could get some “cake” which is her term for all cold treats.

The gelato was creamier, smoother and more elastic so to speak than traditional ice cream. They had a key lime option that afternoon, which wasn’t overly sweet. There was a good balance to it. All of which my daughter didn’t care for, she was just focused on eating her “cake”.

Here’s the menu:

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