What to expect at Sungrano Pizza

Located inside Social Tap Drinkery that will be opening soon is Wichita’s newest option for pizza, Sungrano Pizza. Located on the Wichita State campus at Braeburn Square, Sungrano offers artisan-style open-fired pizza to pair with a cold beverage from Social Tap Drinkery. The official opening date is July 23 but here’s a first look inside.

4510 E 19th ST N, Suite 101 Wichita, KS 67208

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Sungrano Pizza is located right inside the Social Tap Drinkery space. It’s similar to how Angry Elephant is located inside Augustino Brewing Company. Once inside Social Tap, you immediately turn to the south and you’ll find Sungrano Pizza.

Ordering pizza is simply done by scanning the QR code for the menu and ordering from your phone. Fear not, there will be other options available to those who do not have a smartphone. Here’s a copy of their menu that features salads, subs and pizza.

The pizzas can be ordered in 9” or 14” versions with three different types of crust: traditional, ultrathin & crisp or cauliflower crust. If you choose to build your own, there are six base options for sauces and an endless array of toppings.

Once your order is ready, you’ll receive a notification to pick it up at the Sungrano Pizza counter. Many friends and family stopped in for a first-hand look and here’s a look at the pizzas.

All pizzas came with some cheese and some hot oil. So, if you were a big fan of the hot oil at Il Vicino, you’ll love this. I had the Nihau pizza which included roasted pineapple and pepperoni because I’m a firm believer that pineapple belongs on pizza. I also had it on the ultrathin & crisp crust which many friends agreed was the best way to go.

The 9” option was great for a single person while the 14” would be a better option for two people wanting to share.

As mentioned earlier, there’s plenty of seating available at Social Tap Drinkery if you plan to eat your Sungrano Pizza there. There’s capacity for over 140 people in the taproom area or on the beautiful patio.

This is pretty exciting news especially for those people who go to school or work on the Wichita State campus. The food options continue to get better over the years and make me want to go back to college…… just to eat, not for the classes.

Here’s our first look at Social Tap Drinkery.

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