First Look at Green Olive Family BBQ

One of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants out west made the move to the south side of town. Green Olive announced plans to move earlier this year and finalized that today when Green Olive Family BBQ officially opened. It was their very first day of business and we dropped in to check it out over lunch.

4520 E 47th St. S, Wichita, KS 67210

Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm

Cash/Card Accepted

If you’re curious as to what the inside looks like, it was nearly identical as the previous barbecue restaurant before.

The big difference for Green Olive Family BBQ was the addition of BBQ to the menu. They kept most of the Mediterranean menu include pizza.

We wanted to get a good mix of what they had to offer so we ordered their Mediterranean combo plate, a half slab of beef ribs and the Sefiha pizza which was a blend of lean ground beef, spices, diced onions and diced tomato.

I’ve had the combo plate many times before at the original Green Olive and this was just as good as all those previous times. The portion size was ridiculous and big enough to feed two people.

I was a huge fan of the beef ribs. They were extremely meaty and tender and came with a sweet BBQ sauce that gave each bite some pop. I was very close to ordering a full slab and am glad I didn’t.

We enjoyed the pizza as well. Each slice had a layer of lean ground beef right on top of the crust that was kept intact by all the cheese. It had a blend of spices that gave it a Mediterranean feel. The crust was pretty soft and flimsy yet held well. Nothing fell apart and it was different, but in a good way.

It was fairly slow for their first day, so I really hope things can pick up. The food was delicious and everyone there was incredibly friendly. The area of town it is in isn’t exactly a hot bed for restaurants or lots of residential traffic. But if you loved Green Olive out west or want to support some delicious locally owned restaurants, this isn’t that far of a drive out. I made the quick trek which wasn’t bad at all and worth it once I started eating.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “First Look at Green Olive Family BBQ”

  1. Eddy,
    I took your recommendation and went down for lunch last Friday with a couple friends. We discovered there is a lunch buffet on Friday. But I went with the same beef ribs you had (and you were dead-on with your description of the sauce), but I had the gyro pizza instead. They had a little mishap (burned it once), so I ended up getting it to go. Great pizza and even both my sons agreed (including the picky one)!! Thanks for the tip about giving them a try. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but one I will make again.

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