First Look at Mr. Miyagi Japanese Grill

There’s a brand new quick-service Japanese restaurant open at 3920 E. Harry in a space that recently housed one of Da Chicken Shak & More restaurants. Mr. Miyagi Japanese Grill quietly opened over the weekend under a soft opening pretense. While things could very well change like their hours and menu, we still stopped in to give them a try and give readers an idea of what to expect.

3920 E. Harry, Wichita, KS 67218

Open Daily: 11am – 9pm (hours subject to change)

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Cash/Card Accepted

The interior is pretty small, but there dine-in is available with a handful of tables. A big drawing of Mr. Miyagi is one of the big focal points as you step inside.

The menu isn’t vast. It’s simple and consists of crab rangoon, egg rolls, dumplings all which come fried, yakisoba, fried rice, chicken tenders and crispy chicken which was essentially small boneless chicken chunks. We happened to be hosting some friends over that afternoon, so I was tasked with feeding everybody. Instead of asking everyone what they wanted, I decided to order essentially the entire menu. Eleven items were ordered and only took them roughly 15 minutes to prepare; it was fast.

We had all of the appetizers (crab rangoon, egg rolls, dumplings), different fried rice options which included no meat, chicken and beef, Yakisoba with no meat, chicken, and beef options, crispy chicken tossed in their Bangkok sauce, and chicken tenders.

It was big enough spread to feed 14 people. Here’s a look at our food:

There wasn’t a single complaint at the house. People were raving about the beef options. The yakisoba and fried rice dishes were being devoured by everyone. The kids ate up the dumplings and crab rangoon within minutes of its arrival.

My personal favorites were the beef fried rice. I loved the texture of the fried rice which wasn’t too crispy and not too mushy as some places. It included thick chunks of beef to fill you up and was so buttery you could feel your heart pounding. Another favorite was the crispy chicken. It was like small fried chicken chunks caked in their Bangkok sauce which was a little spicy, very tangy and sweet but most importantly, delicious.

There aren’t too many quick-service Japanese restaurants in that area of town near St. Joseph hospital, so I can see this place being quite the success. The food was good, the portions sizes were massive and everything was quick and convenient. That’s generally a good recipe for success from any quick-service establishment.

Here’s their menu:

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3 thoughts on “First Look at Mr. Miyagi Japanese Grill”

  1. Isaac Hathaway

    Glad to see that another oriental restaurant opened up in Wichita. I see that they named this place Mr. Miyagi Japanese Grill but, in looking at the menu, this is another restaurant using a Japanese name to sell more Chinese food. The yakisoba and the fried rice hopefully have a Japanese taste. Most of the population in Wichita has no idea about what Japanese food is and how it is to taste. Most of the places with a Japanese name for the restaurant does not have Japanese there at all. I’m sure the food tastes good but using a Japanese name to deceive people into thinking that the food is Japanese is too good. There are very few places in Wichita that actually have at least one person in the restaurant that is Japanese. One of those places is Yokohama Remen Joint. There have been other restaurants in Wichita in the past that were actual Japanese. Ichiban was run and operated by some elder Japanese women, and Mama-san was a elder Japanese lady. These were Japanese. I know Japanese food. I speak fluent Japanese and grew up in Japan as a child.

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