Have you ever been to the soul food restaurant called Morris St. Carry Out?

The restaurant which serves some of the best catfish in Wichita will soon be on the move. Morris St. Carry Out opened in 2020 at 1712 E. Morris St. near the northeast corner of Lincoln and Hydraulic in a little strip center.

The restaurant will remain open in July and then close for roughly 60 days to relocate. Their new establishment’s official address hasn’t been publicly announced, but I’m told will not be on Morris Street and will be a few miles further east. It remains to be seen if they’ll retain their Morris St. Carry Out name despite not being on Morris Street anymore.

If you’ve never been, they serve a little bit of everything. They have barbecue, sandwiches, hot links, burgers, sandwiches, catfish, and more.

Be sure to check them out before they move. Once they close, owner Brian Morris said he plans to shut down for around 60 days to prep his new location. For more, be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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