M.I.F. Deli: Home of the meat pies!

When I spent a lot of time out east, one of the restaurants in my rotation was M.I.F. Deli. It’s been a while since I’ve been by, so I wanted to revisit them and get my hands on one of my favorites dishes in town. The M.I.F. Deli Meat Pies!

5618 E Central Ave., Wichita, KS 67208

Monday – Friday: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 11am – 3pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

M.I.F. Deli is short for Mediterranean International Foods. They’ve been around since 1969. The menu is loaded with many traditional favorites along with cool additions like Pita Pizzas.

My absolute favorite item on the menu though is their famous homemade pies. There are different options to choose from like meat and cheese, plain meat, a bierock, spinach feta and more. My go to has always been a plain meat one. I typically order it with a side or two. On my most recent trip, I had some grape leaves, a side pasta salad, and the chicken spinach soup.

I’m not a huge black olives fan, but the beauty of having a fork in hand is I could move the black olives aside and still enjoy the meal. Their pasta salad was light on the dressing, but still big on flavor. Moving on to the next plate, I loved the grape leaves. M.I.F. Deli’s weren’t as oily or citrusy as others which I liked. They were probably one of my favorite grape leaves in town.

The chicken and spinach soup was also a winner in my eyes. Hell, the entire dang meal was a big hit for me because I ended it with the meat pie. They are made with homemade bread which literally melts in your mouth. Although it’s advertised as a plain meat pie, there’s nothing plain about it. It’s filled with seasoned meat, onions, peppers, other spices. I recommend asking for a side of horseradish to top it off with. The meat pie was simply a savory hearty dish that I feel necessary to eat multiple times a year.

Here is the menu:

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