Multi-course blind menu dinners are back with P.M. Sessions at the Canvas by Gaga’s Grub

One of my favorite dinner experiences during my time blogging has been the multi-course blind menu dinners through P.M. Sessions at the Canvas by Gaga’s Grub. In 2020, owner Dustin Presley moved out of Wichita thus ending the dinner, but good news has come our way.

Presley is returning to Wichita. He will be operating out of 650 N. Carriage Parkway in the space that has held such restaurants as El Rodeo and El Corral Mexican Restaurant.

Diners can start booking his blind menu dinners on Saturday, August 7. These dinners are available by reservation only with bookings available 7 nights a week. His meals are for parties of 6 to 12 people starting at $70 a person.

The menu and courses will dictate the budget, but one of the nice parts is the dinners are BYOB so you can bring your own alcohol and wine.

I’ve done them twice and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. If you’re all about enjoying a dinner with friends and family, an experience to share, this is one you have to try.

Bookings and questions can be sent to Check out their website for more details.

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