Picnic table from Sport Burger stolen overnight

Drive Thru of Sport Burger | Picture by Wichita By E.B.

You’ve seen it before if you’ve waited in the long lines of Sport Burger waiting to place your order in the drive thru.

The white picnic table has sat behind the building at 134 N. Hillside for years and been a place for many diners to eat at with no dine-in available in the restaurant. The picnic table was handbuilt 19 years ago and on the evening of July 7, the table was stolen. They are one of my personal picks for top ten burgers in Wichita and a locally owned business that doesn’t deserve this. Seriously, who steals a picnic table?

Sport Burger would like any help in locating this picnic table. If you have any information, please contact Sport Burger at 316-683-6503.

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