Riverside Cafe Revisited

Our travels around Wichita continued on to Riverside Cafe. They’ve been a part of Wichita for over 70 years. To be completely honest, this is one of the breakfast restaurants that I haven’t frequented as much as others. It’s probably been 8-9 years since I last at one of their three locations around town. While trying to decide where to take my daughter, I figured why not introduce her to one of Wichita’s oldest restaurants.

9125 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212

Monday – Saturday: 6am – 8pm
Sunday: 6am – 2pm

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For this review, we went to their west Central location. The inside had the look of a diner that’s been around for a while. It had that old school character to it; leather bench seating with some tears in it, advertisements placed on the tables, you name it.

Riverside Cafe had quite the extensive menu featuring many breakfast and lunch staples. But the purpose of our visit was breakfast, so that’s what we ordered. My daughter is extremely picky which makes me stick with an order that I know she’ll eat with me. We went with corned beef hash, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, scrambled eggs and toast.

There wasn’t much texture to the corned beef hash, it was mushier than I’ve seen at other restaurants around town. On top of that, the dish was very salty and one we didn’t finish. While I didn’t eat any of the scrambled eggs, my daughter polished both eggs off, so that was probably the highlight of the meal. The hash browns had a nice crispy layer, but underneath was more mush. Lastly, the biscuits and gravy was best described as average in my opinion. The biscuits were soft and fluffy, but the gravy was lacking for me. While there was a minimal amount of sausage which was a bonus, the gravy tasted a bland and a little on the chalky side.

Unfortunately, Riverside Cafe’s food was a miss for us. On the positive side though, their service was fantastic. They were extremely nice to us and all smiles. Our drinks were refilled and the food came out in a timely manner. It’s just too bad the food didn’t match the service.

Here’s their menu:

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3 thoughts on “Riverside Cafe Revisited”

  1. Brigitte linden

    Would like a review of Ganga Peruvian restaurant do they do anything for special occasions thanks

  2. After seeing their menu (prices), it will be a long long time for me to darken their doorway.
    I mean, not that I like hotdogs, but $5 for a hotdog???
    The last time I ate there, the food was noticeably inferior to years past.

  3. Diane L Zeller

    The food we had was not good. Fries were so greasy they could have been rung out. Service was lacking

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