Slider Shak Revisited

People in Wichita love a good deal. They particularly love Taco Tuesdays. Slider Shak who opened earlier this year at 4628 S. Seneca has been celebrating Taco Tuesdays a little differently. They’ve been offering Taco Burgers for a dollar on Tuesday.

4628 S Seneca St., Wichita, KS 67217

Open Daily: 11am – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

If you’ve never heard of Slider Shak, they serve miniature burgers that have been popularized by places like White Castle and Cozy Inn. Their mini-burgers aka sliders come stuffed with pulled pork, spicy chicken, a classic burger patty and more. They have quite a selection to choose from.

I came specifically for their Dollar Taco Burger deal and ordered four of them plus a side of fries with their ShakCrack Sauce which was like their version of the Freddy’s sauce. It’s best described as a type of tangy mayo and fairly addicting. For safe measure, I also ordered a chili cheeseburger.

I absolutely adore the fries at Slider Shak. They are fried just right with a slight crisp to them. And any condiment fan will love their ShakCrack sauce.

The sliders were just as good as the first time we went. The taco burgers tasted exactly like a taco burger should. The only thing missing was some salsa, but otherwise a delicious meal. Be careful with ordering too many because they really sneak up on you and fill you up quickly.

The chili cheeseburger was also a fantastic little slider. I actually preferred that over the taco burger but at a dollar a piece for the taco burger, I have zero complaints.

You could easily fill yourself up with a side of fries and a few taco burgers for roughly $5. I’d say it’s probably one of the better values around town. This is definitely one to check out.

Here’s the menu:

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