Two soul food options have moved out of Wichita

The footprint for soul food options in Wichita was already small to begin with. In 2021, that got even smaller after two options for one of my favorite foods have moved out of town.

The first was My Madea’s Soul Food. They were a food truck that opened in 2020. It was a short-lived tenure though as they closed operations in Wichita and now operate out of Greenville, Mississippi.

The second was Just Simply Shonda. They started out as a restaurant at 2419 E 13th St. that now holds Chicken Chicken. It was another short-lived tenure as the restaurant which opened in 2019 was around for less than a year. Afterwards, Just Simply Shonda moved to a home-based operation for pickup. Earlier this year, they made the move to Denver, Colorado where they moved operations.

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