It’s coming! Patrick Mahomes helps bring Whataburger to Wichita

Whataburger put out a press release announcing their arrival to Wichita, Kansas. With Overland Park set to be the first Whataburger in Kansas, more expansion will be on the way in the next seven years.

According to the press release, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is part of an investor group that will bring at least one Whataburger to Wichita.

No word on where it will be or when over the next seven years this will take place, but this is a good start!

Founded more than 70 years ago, Whataburger now has more than 840 locations across 10 states, operating 24/7, 364 days a year. Whataburger is best known for its signature, fresh-never-frozen beef burgers – available 24 hours a day along, spicy ketchup and its Wichita By E.B. Seal of Approval.

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2 thoughts on “It’s coming! Patrick Mahomes helps bring Whataburger to Wichita”

  1. You don’t think about places too much until they’re not there. I had moved from Texas to New Mexico and was going to Roswell for a job interview, as I was coming into town I looked over and seen the familiar orange and white and it was like seeing and old friend. I moved to Texas when I was 4 from Kansas and I’m glad they’re getting Whataburger. I’ve been eating them for 66 year’s. P. S. didn’t get the job but damn sure had a Whataburger

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