Family Fun Series: West Acres Bowling Center

West Acres Bowling Center

West Acres Bowling Center

For the next visit in the Family Fun Series, we wanted to do something that we’ve always enjoyed… bowling! The kids have always enjoyed bowling, but for the adults, it’s been even more fun and nostalgic. We’ve spent many years, long ago, in bowling leagues around the city. One day, we may get back into the leagues. So, in trying to find something to do, it only made sense to swing over to West Acres Bowling Center located on north Ridge Road.

It’s one of the handful of bowling alleys in the city and the closest one for northwest Wichita. We frequent many of the older bowling spots in town and West Acres is in the rotation give its proximity to many of our friends as well.

We decided to go during the day to knock out a few games. The staff there has always been friendly. They are a very down to earth staff…. everyone from the bar area and to the pro shop too. I know because I had to make a visit there. My bowling shoes were probably ten years old, and they busted open during the day. So, what turned into a small bowling visit turned into an expensive one because I had to purchase some new shoes.

The alley is well-kept and clean. We didn’t have any issues that afternoon with balls getting stuck, pins standing when they shouldn’t be, or anything else.

The only problem we had was leaving a few too many pins standing all day. But thankfully, they have a fully stocked bar with Mango Cart on tap.

West Acres Bowling Alley is located at 749 N. Ridge Road. For more information, visit their webpage or Facebook.

Here’s the open play pricing:

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