First Look at SmokeHouse ICT

You may see a new food trailer roaming around town. It’s called SmokeHouse ICT and it was started by a local Wichitan who originally started doing catering and decided to expand to a mobile business this year. Over the past month, they’ve been slowly expanding their operations to hit more spots of Wichita. Here’s our first look.

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SmokeHouse ICT offers a simple BBQ menu that shouldn’t be overwhelming. It consists of a few sandwich options and then a few meat options.

I decided to go with their “three ball” which was a 3-meat platter with 2 southern sides. The meat options my meal came with were pulled pork, smoked sausage links and brisket. For my sides, I went with the baked mac and smoked beans.

For starters, the sides were fantastic. I loved the beans and baked mac. They had a strong smoked flavor that I loved; it was nice to see someone put some effort into sides because I feel some places tend to forget about dishing out quality sides.

The three meat dish was also quite filling. The smoked sausage links had a very minor kick to it but were even better once dipped into the accompanying BBQ sauce which had a zesty tang to it. As for the pork and the brisket, both were tender and had the same smoked aftertaste that was a hit with my taste buds. The pulled pork was the preference of the two for me; I love my pork tender with a bit of fattiness to it and this was exactly that.

It was a quick stop by SmokeHouse ICT’s new trailer for me. The gentlemen working it were very nice. I really have no complaints about my visit. They could be an exciting addition to the food truck fleet if they start showing up at the events around town.

Here’s the menu:

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