Let’s Review Grandy’s!

Let’s review Grandy’s!

While in Oklahoma, I figured it’d be a great time to do a #SaturChains review. One national chain that we no longer have in Wichita unfortunately is Grandy’s. They are a national chain specializing in comfort food based out of Nashville, TN. Grandy’s Country Cookin’ or what most people refer to as Grandy’s, was founded in 1972 by Walter E. Johnson and Rex E. Sanders.

What was once a booming operation with over 200 locations and some located in Wichita, KS has shrunk down to 27 restaurants. The closest can be found in Edmond and Oklahoma City.

It’s a restaurant my family would frequent in my younger years. I think the last time I ate at a Grandy’s was when there was one located near Bishop Carroll high school in the 90s. When I was in Oklahoma, I just knew Grandy’s would be on my list to visit.

For my visit, I went with the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and a couple of their signature Grandy’s dinner rolls.

Some people may say it’s the nostalgia talking, but I loved every second of it. For fast-food standards, the meal was delicious. People in Wichita love their chicken fried steak and Grandy’s won’t compete with that. But what I had was a cheap, convenient and quick dish that I finished in about the same amount of time it took to be delivered to me. Sometimes people want cheap fast food and Grandy’s does the quick comfort food better than anybody else.

And those dinner rolls??? My god, the aroma alone spoke to my heart. Better yet, they tasted better than they smelled. Grandy’s easily has the best dinner rolls than any national chain. I ordered extra to take home with me.

When it comes to national chains, Grandy’s is probably one of the top three places I’d want to return to Wichita.

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18 thoughts on “Let’s Review Grandy’s!”

  1. I agree Grandy”s would be welcomed back in Wichita. We went to Oklahoma City about three months ago and Grandy”s was the place we choose to eat at. Did not disappoint and they have expanded their menu. Please come back to Wichita.

  2. Would love a grandys to come back.. kfc is so gross now… The only place to get a decent fried chicken dinner is at dillons.. Grandys always had great Chicken and Chicken Fried steak.. They come back and I guarantee kfc says goodbye.. anybody want to reopen a franchise here?

  3. Larry Burnett Jr

    I would love to see Grandy’s return to Wichita. I loved it when I was growing up. I frequently ate @ the one on East Harry in Wichita,Ks. I miss it.

  4. I would trade most of the Chicken places in Wichita for just one Grandy’s. Haven’t thought of them in years. Now I really miss them. Hey Grandy’s come on back to Wichita.

  5. Phillip Ladell Moore

    Every time that my wife Carmen and I pass through Oklahoma City, she has to stop at Grandy’s.

  6. I remember eating at the one on east Harry, across from the Wichita mall. A salad from the salad bar, and chicken breast, and you were set. And oh those rolls,,

  7. My kids, I and many friends wish Grandy’s would come back to Wichita. The food was delicious and the cinnamon rolls were fantastic.

  8. I really miss having grandys in Wichita, Kansas because I worked there and always loved their food and I was a manager there, I could bring home food for my family. I always had their breakfast steak sandwich or the cinnamon roll.

  9. Please oh please oh please we want grandy’s back in Wichita If you don’t want to put it in Wichita could you put it in Newton that would be absolutely awesome grandy’s breakfast was so delicious I loved their eggs everything about grandy’s was wonderful

  10. I what would love to have White Castle, Grandy’s and Taco Bueno back in Wichita. I wonder if anybody remembers Chicken Delight, which was before Colonel Sanders. Chicken Delight was one of the few places that delivered way back when. They even had pizza on their menu.

  11. We need to have A GRANDYS AT HARRY & WEBB. WE COULD ALSO PUT A WENDY’S back at HARRY AND WEBB. THEY WOULD have all kind of Customer’s . We need them so we don’t have to go into WICHITA.

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