Product Review: Rolo Colliders

Earlier this year, a new refrigerated dessert was unveiled at national groceries stores called Colliders. They have different versions like Hersey’s, Reese’s Kit Kats, Heath, and more, but the one I was most interested in was Rolo Colliders.

The Colliders concept takes your favorite candy and turns them into spoonable dessert. The Rolo Colliders for instance, allows you to enjoy the caramel flavored layered with rich milk chocolate topping. The idea is for a cool, creamy, spoonable dessert in a convenient single-serve cup for easy enjoyment anywhere.

A container of two 7oz cups ran $2.99 at participating grocery stores like Dillons and Wal-Mart. I think it was a costly for what you got, but if it tasted good than great.

I took them home and shared them with my family. Everyone didn’t get much of the Rolo flavor in it. The chocolate overpowered the caramel flavor so in the end all it tasted like was a Snack Pack pudding or Jello pudding pack that you could get for half the price.

It tasted just like chocolate pudding which was nice and all but we were really hoping for the Rolo flavor which was a miss.

This was another impulse purchase that I probably wouldn’t make again.

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