Taco John’s added Premium Cold Brew Coffee and we tried it

On Monday, August 2, Taco John’s unveiled a new premium cold brew coffee to their menu. It was advertised as a smooth, bold and refreshing coffee beverage made with 100 percent Arabica beans.

“We continue to think of new ways to push boundaries in the quick-service industry and saw the opportunity to capitalize on the fast-growing cold brew trend,” said Taco John’s Chief Marketing Officer Barry Westrum in a press release. “Now, as the only Mexican quick-service restaurant to serve our own premium cold brew, we are confident it will be a hit among our loyal fans.”

While I’m no coffee drinker, Megan is an avid cold brew fan and has ordered it all over town. At $2, we figured why not give this a try. I dropped in to pick some up along with some Mexican donuts which were on sale for $1.49.

The Mexican donuts weren’t bad. They were bite-sized pastries rolled in cinnamon sugar and then topped with a rich cream cheese icing. I feel like anything with cinnamon sugar is always going to be a winner in my book.

As for the cold brew coffee, it didn’t exactly impress anybody. Megan’s first sip gave a noticeable stink eye. She said, “Try this.” I’ve had quite a few cold brews in my time so was familiar with what one would normally taste like. I took one sip and had the exact same stink eye.

The cold brew tasted like straight water with one drip of some coffee flavored Mio. You could barely get a hint of any coffee flavor in each sip. As she put it, “This is probably the worst cold brew I’ve ever had.”

Good thing, it was just a $2 lesson for us.

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