Two more restaurants have quietly closed in 2021

I have two more restaurant closings to report. Both happened rather quietly, with not much notice or fanfare.

Chicago Donuts

The donut shop at 3233 E Harry St. near All Saints Church quietly closed down earlier this year. I had been sent multiple reports that this was on the horizon. I’m not sure when this summer they officially closed but it’s now permanent.

Town & Country Restaurant

If there are three things in Wichita you hear a lot about in the local food news, its chicken restaurants opening, Mexican restaurants opening and something about a Town & Country.

The Town & Country at 4702 W. Kellogg has closed yet again. This was after a very short-lived opening after the restaurant closed in 2020. The Town & Country Classic at 10510 W. Southwest Blvd has also closed before but is currently back open.

Long story short. The Town & Country on West Kellogg is permanently closed. A separately owned Town & Country Classic in southwest Wichita is still open. Got it? Good!

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