The underrated fast food taco spot that is Taco Rio

Taco Rio

I conducted a poll earlier this year for the city’s favorite fast food taco. You know, the cheap tacos with crispy corn shells that the country has fallen in love with. The ones where people get so aggravated about because they aren’t “authentic” enough. These tacos cause so much angst among many taco aficionados, but I stand here proud to admit that I’m a huge fan of them. During that poll, Taco Shop, Taco Tico and Taco Pronto ranked in the top three. But today, I want to cover one that is pretty underrated in town, possibly because they only have one location. It’s Taco Rio.

1022 W Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday

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Cash/Card Accepted

Taco Rio is a family favorite and a common stop when craving cheap fast food.

We usually get it to go, but this time, we decided to dine in. We ordered a #2 taco dinner that included a sancho, taco burger, and a taco, two extra corn tacos and two meat enchiladas. I had to make sure to get some green chile sauce to drown my food in because I’m obsessed with condiments.

The food came out quick. There are two huge differences between Taco Rio and most other fast food taco joints. The first is the biggest selling point for our family. It’s the meat they pack in the food. When it comes to the enchiladas, burgers and tacos, they put more ground beef in than anybody else. The worst is probably Taco Bell, and at the top of the most is Taco Rio.

They are consistent in their quality and most people can leave feeling stuffed for under five dollars. As far as fast food goes, they rank up there with some of the best in town according to my family.

The second-biggest difference is the people. The staff at Taco Rio are easily the friendliest people than any other fast food taco place in town. Granted, the bar can be set pretty low by some of their competitors, but Taco Rio has always been inviting, engaging and down to earth good people on every visit. They make everyone feel welcome when coming in. You don’t see that often in fast food and quick service style restaurants.

This place will always be in our rotation.

Here’s the menu:

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