The verdict on the new Popeye’s Chicken Nuggets

Last month, Popeye’s unveiled their newest menu item: chicken nuggets. It’s crazy to think that it’s taken this long for a fast food chain centered around chicken to finally put out chicken nuggets. All this after Popeye’s capitalized on the popularity of their chicken sandwich release.

I read that nuggets haven’t been on the menu at Popeye’s since the 1980s, so if I had them as a child, I don’t remember.

Once they were released, I dropped in to check them out. The nuggets were sold in 8pc and 12pc counts. One of the most upsetting things I noticed was that the nuggets were only available as mild. Anytime I order chicken, I get the spicy, so this was unfortunate.

I ordered the 12pc dinner combo, which came with a biscuit and a side; I almost always go with the mashed potatoes and Cajun gravy.

The individual nuggets ranged in all different sizes. Some pieces were bulky and others weren’t.

While I enjoy the Popeye’s breading, I found the nuggets to have lots of crispy breading. One big plus was that the nuggets were real pieces of chicken and not the ground up, mashed down nuggets found at other fast food restaurants.

After 6-8 pieces, I started to get full. A mix of big chunks of chicken and tons of breading was really filling. I didn’t even finish the twelve.

As for the flavor, it was alright. The chicken wasn’t as juicy or tender as the regular fried chicken. I, much preferred chicken nuggets elsewhere around town and if I returned to Popeye’s, I’d get the fried chicken instead. If they offered a spicy version, I would be highly tempted to return though.

Now that I think about it, the chicken nuggets are really just boneless chicken wings than they are nuggets. Or in simpler terms, chicken chunks.

In conclusion, the nuggets are definitely filling, but nowhere near as good as other items there.

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10 thoughts on “The verdict on the new Popeye’s Chicken Nuggets”

  1. I didn’t like the chicken nugget myself. They gave them to my son who love nugget but he said it doesn’t taste like it at all he 14 years!! Then my husband tried it but then Threw them away. Sorry they’re not good I love McDonald’s no it’s better.

    1. I so love that I came across your comment! My son is 15 yrs. old and he has been wanting to try them for weeks now & he is a nugget fanatic! I’ll let him read for himself then let his taste buds be the judge!! Thanks for sharing and God Bless!!!

  2. Hey they look good bt Everytime uall come out with new item they always high come on we in the civic people dt have money like tht people I thnk 6pc should be 3 and 6pc 4 and 8 PC 499 and 12pc 6 bucks thnk u

  3. I’m in Cleveland ohio they are the nastiest thing I ever had they taste dry the pieces were small I had them with my daughter she did not like them either

  4. I was so disappointed. I’ve never had chicken nuggets that were so tasteless..thought using the dipping sauce would help some but I was wrong. They’re other places I can go to for “real” chicken nuggets that has flavor. It’s a “never again will I ever” for me!! ✌?

  5. To much salt and batter. I felt like all i was eating was batter. I opened one up completely and a dot of chicken. Never ever will i this

  6. They actually did have nuggets back about 15 years ago. They were so so good, hands down one of the best fast food nuggets i’ve ever had. They were off the menu by 2012 though, for who knows why because they were amazing. Nice sized juicy nuggets that weren’t overly breaded and always cooked perfectly, never too crunchy. The ones now I wouldn’t even call nuggets, more just giant chunks of breading now.

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