West side Asian restaurant, Lilikoi Asian Bistro, closes after 8 months

Lilikoi Asian Bistro

In December 2020, Lilikoi Asian Bistro opened in the middle of the pandemic. It was during a difficult time that had them open and close multiple times through 2021 due to staffing issues. Finding reliable help was a constant issue for the new restaurant as it was for many others.

Located at 12111 W Maple St., Lilikoi made the unfortunate decision to close permanently. They were another victim of the current restaurant dynamic.

If you had never been, they were a Pacific Rim / Asian Fusion restaurant that also specialized in ramen.

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1 thought on “West side Asian restaurant, Lilikoi Asian Bistro, closes after 8 months”

  1. Thank you for keeping me up to date on all the restaurants. I only have Snapchat because I cannot mentally deal with all the drama from all the other social media avenues. I love how you will try anything.

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