Wichita’s Best Street Tacos

The moment I tried my first street taco, I set out on a mission to try and find the best ones in Wichita. I spent the last handful of years visiting every food truck and restaurant in town serving them. I would say I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this, but there wasn’t any. Instead, I put a lot of mileage on my car, visits to the ATM for cash only establishments and extra pounds on my body to put together my list of Wichita’s best street tacos.

My criteria to make the list came out to taste and meat options. There are lots of people who love and judge places solely on their al pastor and carnitas which is totally fine. I’m a lover of offal which includes stuff like tripa, buche, lengua, cabeza, you name it. Variety is a must for me even if it’s just additions like birria or seafood.

So, after years of traveling around Wichita eating street tacos, here’s my list of the top twelve street tacos in town in no particular order.

Mi Lindo Michoacan Mexican Restaurant
2120 N. Broadway

Taco Fajita Restaurant
1004 S. Meridian

Alondra’s Tacos
1580 W. 21st St.

Ricos Tacos El Torito
1935 N. Broadway

Tacos Alex (formerly Mr. Taco)
711 W. 21st St.

Tacos TJ 664
1014 N. West St.

Leo’s Taqueria
2433 S. Seneca St.

Taqueria El Fogon
1555 S. Bluffview Dr. & 2604 N. Arkansas

Tacos El Sol
3180 S. Meridian

Jimenez Tacos
2787 S. Roosevelt St.

Tacos Chepe
3404 N. Arkansas

Birrieria Tito
2815 S. Hydraulic

It was REALLY hard cutting down hundreds of options down to just twelve. There are some noticeable ones that missed the cut like Taqueria La Chona, Taqueria Altena, and even some new trucks like Taqueria El Vago. That just shows there are more than twelve awesome places for street tacos. BUT if I had to task myself with just twelve, those are the ones I would go with.

What are your favorite street tacos in town? Drop a comment below!

Happy Dining

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4 thoughts on “Wichita’s Best Street Tacos”

  1. I think I’ve told you this before but I will say it again! The “Taquiza” at Puerto Vallarta are my absolute favorite street tacos. More specifically, the carnitas street tacos there are the absolute best. If you squeeze a couple of lime wedges on top (ask for extra limes), along with adding a drizzle of their sauce they provide with them onto each one, they can’t be beat! PLEASE try them if you haven’t already. I can almost bet money they would make your list. 🙂

  2. For a coworkers lunch yesterday, we had Uno Mas street tacos. The Carnitas tacos were SO good!! Thought that I’d throw in my 2 cents. 🙂

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