Is an Amazon 4-Star store coming to Bradley Fair?

Could an Amazon 4-Star store be coming to Bradley Fair?

On the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department website, an application for a project called Amazon 4-Star retail space was issued last month. The address for the application was for 2132 N. Rock Road STE 101 which is located at Bradley Fair and happens to be the Il Vicino space.

I haven’t heard back from anybody I reached out to on the status of Il Vicino, but will keep asking.

An Amazon 4-Star store would be a very intriguing addition to Bradley Fair. It’s a curated retail shop which sells merchandise rated four stars and above by Amazon customers, or which is otherwise a top seller, or new and trending on While the store is open to anyone, the draw is to sell more Amazon Prime memberships as members get special discounts. I’ve been to one in Seattle and they are pretty cool.

The timing of the application is interesting because it took place just a couple of weeks after the 1-million-square-foot Amazon fulfillment center opened in Park City. Then there’s the distribution center at 37th and Webb, so it makes sense for Amazon to continue to build their footprint here in Wichita. But just because the project is named Amazon 4-Star, that doesn’t mean it’s actually going to be one.

I’m no investigative journalist and maybe the professionals around town could do more digging, but the information that’s out there publicly could certainly point to one. If it’s at the expense of one of Wichita’s two Il Vicino restaurants though, that’s not good.

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