Beautiful Day Cafe is closing permanently in mid-October

It’s been a tough past twelve months for restaurants on east Central. Following the closings of Noble House, Bocco Deli and Mo’s HutBeautiful Day Cafe will be open through October 17th. After that, they will be close their doors for good.

In 2015, Beautiful Day Cafe opened. The restaurant at 2516 E. Central served real, organic, delicious, nutrient dense food to the people of Wichita. They used no GMO’s, aluminum cookware, microwaves, hydrogenated oils, artificial colorings or flavorings. They were one of the first places in town to focus exclusively on healthier meals.

Unfortunately, after facing similar issues all restaurants in the industry had to go through, Beautiful Day Cafe made the decision to close.

I briefly spoke with them, and they wanted to let everyone know they have appreciated the support through the years. It was a tough decision, but one they had to make.

They’ll be open for roughly two and a half more weeks, so go give them as much love until then, show your appreciation and thank them if you’ve ever had a delicious meal at their cafe.

For more on Beautiful Day Cafe, be sure to check them out on Facebook.

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