The best cordless handheld vacuum I’ve come across

We are now at the point where our daughter is creating insane messes at home. She’ll go into the pantry and grab Cheez-It crackers, Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, you name it. Unfortunately, she isn’t the most graceful person when walking around with food in her hand. Her hands are so bad, she could probably make it as a tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. With all this clumsiness comes big messes. I’ve lost count of the times she’s spilled food on the ground or left a trail of crumbs, or there’s all the food in the backseat of my car.

So, I was searching for the best cordless handheld vacuum on the market. While reading Consumer Reports, they noted the best on the market was the Shark WANDVAC Cordless Hand Vac.

What I loved about it was how compact it was. The product measures 2.4 x 16.5 x 2.5 inches. It’s truly handheld and light, weighing in at 1.4 pounds.

And if you love versatility, this WANDVAC is for you! It covers all floors: Bamboo, Bare Floor, Carpet, Ceramic tile, Concrete, Cork, Engineered woods, Hardwoods, Laminate, Linoleum, Marble, Porcelain tile, Rugs, Tile, Vinyl. Plus, with the pet hair cleaning tool and duster crevice tool, it’s even more versatile. We have a dog at home and it does a pretty good job of picking up dog hair.

Aside from its ergonomic design, it provides unbelievable suction delivered by a high-speed, brushless motor. There’s even a tapered nozzle for easy pickup of large debris and fine dust. 

The charging dock for quick access and fast charging. It’s always accessible at home and my daughter knows to grab it when she makes a mess.

Cleaning is a breeze as you empty the debris with the single touch of a button.

Quality does come at a price as this is one of the more expensive models in the market. The Shark WANDVAC runs $119.99, but I’m telling you all, it’s worth it. It’s been a lifesaver for us at home so many times with not just the little one, but our dog who loves to leave behind doghair.

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