Big B’s Beef Review: The true taste of Chicago

Many people will remember a restaurant by the name of Big B’s Beef that sold Chicago-style food. The restaurant closed down many years ago, but had a rebirth when they opened a food truck in 2020. It was one of the most anticipated food truck openings I can recall during my time blogging. Since they opened, they’ve been all over the city serving their food to the many loyal fans that continue to grow.

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The menu for Big B’s Beef consists of Italian beef and Italian sausage sandwiches, Chicago dogs, gyros, Polish sausages, pizza puffs and fries. I’ve always enjoyed everything they’ve put out. It’s come to the point, I’ll never even put thought into an order. I have no problem turning in my order and saying, “Surprise me with whatever.”

That’s exactly what I did on my most recent visit. By the time I arrived home, I had an Italian beef sandwich, Chicago dog and one of their latest additions, a gyro burger awaiting to be devoured. My Italian beef sandwich came with sweet bell peppers & hot giardiniera and juice on the side. My Chicago dog came complete with the perfect combination of toppings. Then the gyro dog, which was a first for me, had a thick juicy burger patty that was topped with lamb, cucumber tzatziki sauce, onions and tomatoes.

I’ve hyped up Big B’s Beef plenty of times in the past, but I want to throw some extra comments towards the gyro burgers way. As I noted earlier, it was a first for me and certainly won’t be the last. The burger by itself would have been excellent, but the addition of the lamb and tzatsiki sauce took it to a level of awesomeness I wasn’t sure was possible. The sauce gave the burger a vibrant zesty flavor and the lamb was so tender, I found myself picking some off to eat by itself.

Between the food and the people, Big B’s Beef is just excellent all around and a true treasure in our local food community.

Here’s the menu, please note sometimes this does change depending on what they have on hand:

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