What to expect at Alzavino Wine Tavern

A new wine bar has opened in Delano called Alzavino Wine Tavern. The difference between Alzavino and many of the other wine spots in town is the self-serve stations they offer that allow customers to pick which wines they want and go have it poured themselves at a wine station. Here’s a look inside at what to expect.

1001 W Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67213

Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 3pm – 11pm
Sunday 3pm – 9pm

Website | Facebook
Cash/Card Accepted

Here’s a quick look inside the space.

There’s also a patio facing the east end of the building.

And where does all the magic happen? It all takes place at the WineStations.

But how does it work exactly? I’m glad you asked. It all starts with a card which is free and can be loaded in different denominations. I started with $10. The cards are also yours to keep and hold on to for future use.

Once you load a card, you head over to the WineStation which is a self-serve tap system that pours 1, 3 and 6 oz. pours. There are 16 wines available which can be changed out at any time.

Each of the wines have descriptions. Once you decide which one you want, you insert your card into the card reader.

The next step is selecting the wine you want along with how many ounces you want. Many of the wines ranged in varying prices. Some one ounce pours were 90 cents, $1.50 all the way up to $4 and change.

When you’re ready to pour the wine, just select the corresponding arrow.

Then place your wine at the dispenser and your wine comes right out.

Next step is to go back to your seat and enjoy your drink. I’m not an avid wine drinker, so I wasn’t even sure if I had the right glass for the wine.

At one point, I thought about grabbing a big huge glass, going to every WineStation and pouring one ounce of each wine to create a kamikaze drink like at QuikTrip when you’d mix every single pop into a cup. That’s how classy of a wine drinker I am.

There’s limited food on the menu that consists mostly of charcuterie boards. We had a hummus plate along with a meat and cheese tray that were good fillers to go along with our wines.

There was even an off menu dessert tray full of chocolates that we thoroughly enjoyed.

For me, I’m not much of a wine drinker, but I really enjoyed the vibe of the place. The whole ambience really fit the whole theme of the wine bar. It was laid back, chill, a little classy and a relaxing place to have a glass of wine. My friends agreed with the sentiment and thought it’d be a great place as a starter for the evening or even a night cap.

Here’s their current menu:

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