A feel good story from Kendra Scott

I’ll be completely honest with you. I didn’t know we had a Kendra Scott store in Wichita. While I’m not too familiar with the business, a friend had a story she thought would be good to share with everyone.

My friend’s co-worker recently lost her mother-in-law to cancer within the past month. Her co-worker wanted to do something special.

So, she dropped by the Kendra Scott store at 13th and Greenwich. She was looking for two bracelets. One to put on her mother-in-law and another for her daughter when she got older; something as a memorable token for her daughter who lost her grandmother.

When she walked into the store and shopped around for bracelets, she found the one she liked.

As she was getting ready to make the purchase, the employee at Kendra Scott asked what the bracelets were for. She told them the story of how one was for her mother-in-law and the other was for her daughter. Moved by the story, the employee at Kendra Scott comped one of the bracelets. It was a touching moment from a business to help a customer through a tough time in their life.

It was an act of kindness performed at the right time during someone’s grieving process. My friend said her co-worker was incredibly moved by it and forever grateful to Kendra Scott.

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